Albany Community is the hub for activities and events for the Albany community to enjoy. Albany House is located on the Albany Domain next to Massey University.


Build diversity and connections by fostering communication and interaction opportunities for all members of the community.

Albany CoCo Inc Trust

Albany Community Coordinator Incorporated (AlbanyCoCo) was established in May 2008 in an Auckland Council (previously North Shore City Council) initiative to increase the delivery of community development outcomes in the local area. The Albany CoCo Inc committee is voluntary and contracted to Auckland Council to deliver community development services on their behalf. We work closely with the Upper Harbour Local Board supporting the implementation of their empowered communities strategy. We are located Albany House on Albany Domain (next to Albany Preschool), and lease our building from Auckland Council to provide an accessible community space.

Our Albany CoCo Committee is made up of volunteer members who provide governance for the Albany Community Coordinator and management of Albany House.

Albany Coco Board Members

Chairperson:  Mark Moffitt

Vice Chair:       Jenny Bassett

Secretary:        Shirley Dobbyn

Treasurer:       Marie Finnigan

Barbara Cade

Svetlana Strizheva


Upper Harbour Local Board Representative:

Uzra Casuri-Balouch