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The Upper Harbour Youth Caucus are working together with the Albany Community Coordinator to make life great for youth in Albany. They are helping to create youth space, ensure youth have a voice andthey’re heard, and have a great time making things they want to see happen!

Offbeats 2015

offbeats-festivalOn October 17 2015 from 6-11pm, the Upper Harbour Youth Caucus ran Off-Beats Youth Music Festival at Vanguard Military School. The evening was the climax of months of discussion, meetings and planning to pull-off the event.  Artists include X-Factors Stuss, Bric-A-Brac, Tusk and Torn and Jin and the Lims, a DJ to finish the night with a rave, among others.  The theme for this year’s event was NEON-NIGHT. The night was alight with UV lights illuminating all things white, glow-sticks, fairy lights and other glow-in-the-dark materials such as balloons, string, spray paint and tape.

The students of the Off-Beats team did a fantastic job in leading the event. Even through challenges, we are very pleased with the event and believe wholeheartedly that it reached the objectives set from the beginning: growing leaders, developing talent, and building community.

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Previously we have enjoyed …

  • Our Amazing Place 2014
  • Community events with youth performers and volunteers (buskers, musicians, dancers, singers, photographers, and event organisers/stage management)
  • Free Summer Fun outdoor activities: Mountain biking at Sanders Reserve, Art Classes at Albany House, Skateboarding at Hooten Reserve, and Kayaking at Greenhithe Wharf.
  • Music in Parks with a difference – we piloted the new sound system in parks as part of a family programme this year and next year we are looking to provide youth-only music in parks, so youth can listen to or play up to 7 instruments at a time!
  • Albany Outdoor Club: we piloted this in Term 1 2014 with everyone having an amazing time doing high ropes, rock climbing, archery, kayaking, mountain biking, and bush skills. Looking to provide this again after the winter.

In the works …

  • Youth Centre: awaiting funding, Albany House will become a Youth Centre on fortnightly Friday nights! Hang out with your friends with the sound system and a variety of musicians/performers.

Got a great idea? Interested in getting involved yourself? Want to find out more?

Give us a shout – We look forward to hearing from you!